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Activities & Recognitions

At iFAST Corp, we are committed to take an active role in supporting the community, by putting our industry expertise to good use in promoting investment education and financial knowledge across the markets we operate in. This has led us to adopt two broad themes in our social aspects of sustainability reporting: “Promoting Financial Literacy” and “Charity through Sports”.

Promoting Financial Literacy

With our mission statement in mind, “To help investors around the world invest globally and profitably”, we have been adopting various initiatives to promote financial literacy among our customers, employees, and the community. We believe that financial knowledge and transparency in information empower each individual to have the tools to make more informed investment decisions.

We hold a number of events throughout the year to make it easy for us to be in touch with our customers and the public. Our flagship events include the “What and Where to Invest” (“WAWTI”) and the “Mid- Year Review”, which are held at the start and middle of the year. Our events provide an opportunity for investors to hear of the outlook for the various asset classes (equity, fixed income and others) across the globe from our research analysts as well as industry experts from the fund houses. During such events, investors can also mingle with investment professionals closely and have their most pertinent questions answered.

In addition, throughout the year, our different business divisions across the Group work together with our fund house partners to hold regular events to present the latest market analyses and investment insights to our B2B wealth advisers and investors. With the launch of new product categories, we have also emphasised the educational aspect, by holding workshops for our B2B wealth advisers and investors on new products and services, such as bonds and online discretionary portfolio management services (“DPMS”).

Apart from our in-house events and workshops, we collaborate with various industry partners to promote financial literacy, such as the “Invest Fair 2015” organised by ShareInvestor, where both our B2B and B2C teams, as well as one of our B2B clients, participated in. In Malaysia, our FSM team collaborated with Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (“FPAM”) to organise a workshop titled “Financial Empowerment – Time to Take Charge, Ladies!” to share with participants on how to manage their finances effectively and attain financial security.

Internally, we also hope to equip our employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan for their own financial future. We have introduced the “iFAST Academy”, where we invite our research analysts and other employees who have a passion in sharing financial tips, to speak to our employees on various financial topics. We have in place an “Employee Investment Scheme” that is created to give an extra booster to employees who wish to invest regularly.

Charity Through Sports

Taking part in sports helped me learn the value of dedication and perseverance for a certain cause. In sports, I learned that while a target may look unattainable at first, upon closer analysis, with determination and hard work, it becomes achievable.” Mr Lim Chung Chun

This quote from our CEO Mr Lim Chung Chun sums up the reason why we have been supportive of our employees’ active participation in sports and we have chosen to marry sports with charity initiatives.

2015 was the third consecutive year we were the title sponsor of the iFAST Metro Race (“IMR”) in Hong Kong. The IMR is an orienteering race that is open to our employees, our business partners and the public. Combining sports (teams of four members have to score the highest points within a time limit of two hours by clearing as many checkpoints as possible), as well as strategy and financial education (some checkpoints give bonus points based on investment- related questions), the IMR was first held in 2013. Among the various orienteering races held in Hong Kong, the IMR also stood out for being the first-ever night orienteering race held in Hong Kong’s Central Business District. Through the physically challenging and intellectually stimulating race, we also hope to promote a healthy lifestyle that emphasises the importance of both physical and financial health, while enhancing participants’ financial knowledge and helping them apply such knowledge as a way to improve their lives.

In 2016, iFAST Corp set up a new charity/ sports initiative titled “iWALK Initiative” to encourage our employees, B2B wealth advisers and fund house partners to support charitable causes through the “Oxfam Trailwalker”. Held across different countries each year, the physically gruelling Oxfam Trailwalker aims to raise funds to alleviate poverty and injustice across the world. We have supported Oxfam Trailwalker events in the past, with some of our employees trekking for 100km in Sydney (in 2013), and Hong Kong (in 2011 and 2012) within 48 hours. The 2016 “iWALK” edition saw iFAST Corp bringing the largest ever contingent to Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane, where 76 employees, wealth advisers and directors challenged themselves physically and mentally to conquer 6,045km of tough terrain while raising funds for the causes Oxfam Trailwalker supports. With overwhelming support pouring in from fellow friends and colleagues of the iWALK trekkers, iFAST Corp has clinched the Corporate Fundraising Award for the event from Oxfam.

iFAST Corp is currently also supporting Students Care Service (“SCS”), a Singapore charity organisation serving children and youths to enable them to maximise their potential. We are the presenting sponsors for the charity-fundraising event “SCS Challenge for Children” (formerly known as Marina Bay Challenge) in 2016, and the race is aimed at raising funds and to enhance greater awareness of SCS and their various initiatives among our employees, business partners and the wider community.