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Business Partners

As a platform, iFAST works with different partners, from global asset management firms, to banks for bond offerings, to bring on-board a wide range of options to investors and wealth advisers. We have entered into more than 250 distribution agreements with different product providers to offer over 9,700 investment products, including over 6,500 funds, over 1,000 bonds, stocks and ETFs (Singapore, Hong Kong and US stockbroking capabilities) as well as discretionary portfolio management services and insurance products on the platform.

Across the different markets iFAST operates in, we also work with established financial advisory companies, banks, financial institutions and multinational companies, to provide them with an efficient and secure online platform to manage their respective business and investments. Over 8,800 wealth advisers from more than 380 FA companies, banks and financial institutions use iFAST platform. More than 360,000 client accounts have been opened with iFAST across its B2B and B2C businesses across the region. (data as at end June 2019)