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Who We Are

From the early days of our business to today, we are guided by our mission statement and our core values in what we do for our customers, wealth advisers, business partners, employees and the investor community at large.


We want to make a positive difference in the life of investors. We strongly believe that investing should be made simple and transparent, because only then can investors be empowered to make better informed decisions. This belief has guided us to dedicate our efforts in providing extensive research into investment products – research that deconstructs the investment universe into simple and actionable steps that can meet the diverse financial goals of investors.

When we launched FSM in Singapore in the year 2000, easily accessible research into funds was a rare commodity. As a new entrant in the market, we turned things around with our value proposition: we were clear from day one that we must provide a new alternative to investors, one that focuses on the availability of extensive research for all investors. We were unknown in the marketplace when we rolled out FSM, but that we provided research, and a competitive and transparent pricing structure to boot, were seen by the investor community as a refreshing change and led to a powerful ‘word-of-mouth’ effect among investors.

Online forums were abuzz with our research analyses on markets, practical tips on how to create a portfolio, and interviews with fund managers and other investment professionals. We also emphasised innovative IT tools on our website that can make investing simpler; for instance, our Chart Centre and Funds Selector simplified the search and comparison of funds and market indices.

Fast forward to more recent times and our philosophy of emphasising practical investment knowledge and promoting financial literacy has not changed. When we added a new product category – namely, bonds – to our array of investment products for distribution in Singapore in 2015, it almost seemed like we rewinded to the early days of our business in 2000 in our dedication to providing the best tools for investors. In 2015, we rolled out Bonds@FSM in Singapore, a transactional website that offers a wide range of retail and wholesale bonds to investors, complete with educational articles and transparent information on pricing and yield-to-maturity. Bondsupermart.com, a regional bond information portal, was also launched in the spirit of making bond information transparent and accessible for the investor community.