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Activities & Recognitions

iFAST Corp has always been committed to taking an active role in supporting the community and protecting the environment, and has established “Cultivating Financial Literacy”, “Charity through Sports”, “Caring for Community”, and “Conserving the Environment” as the four pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Cultivating Financial Literacy

Guided by our mission statement “To help investors around the world invest globally and profitably”, we adopt various initiatives to promote financial literacy among our customers, employees, and the community. We believe that financial knowledge and transparency in information could empower each individual with the tools to make more informed investment decisions.

Charity through Sports

“Taking part in sports helped me learn the value of dedication and perseverance for a certain cause. In sports, I learned that while a target may look unattainable at first, upon closer analysis, with determination and hard work, it becomes achievable.” Mr Lim Chung Chun.

This quote from our CEO Mr Lim Chung Chun sums up the reason why we have been supportive of our employees’ active participation in sports and we have chosen to marry sports with charity initiatives.

Caring for Community

Conserving the Environment