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Our Values: The iFAST DNA

To achieve win-win solutions for our stakeholders, we emphasise a culture that promotes the values of Integrity and Innovation.


We are committed to the highest standards of integrity when working with our clients, business partners, shareholders and employees.

Integrity is the guiding principle behind our decisions for all stakeholders, be it clients, employees and shareholders. The decisions and solutions we have must be beneficial for all stakeholders. We do not make decisions that may have short-term benefits but are detrimental in the longer term.

Integrity also means being transparent in our decisions. What our clients see is transparent, be it in terms of the service commitment and the price structure. Our client's interest always comes first because with that in mind, we believe we can build a relationship that is founded on trust.

In any business, the element of trust between us and the clients is the foundation that gives us the impetus and motivation to keep improving our services and solutions for clients.

Internally, the value of integrity is emphasised in internal communications to employees. Our management sends regular updates on our Fair Dealing policy to employees.


We believe only with innovation and continuous learning and improvement can we continue to add value to our stakeholders.

Innovation is an element that constantly pushes us to think of new business drivers and solutions for our stakeholders. With innovation, we know that we can always push the envelope further when it comes to creating the best services for our clients. Our employees know that with an emphasis on constant learning, they can always look forward to new challenges in their work. We emphasise a working environment which can keep employees challenged and motivated to do their best. We know competition is always present and we will never rest on our laurel when it comes to improving our services.


We believe in empowering our investor community with the tools to make informed investment decisions.

Transparency in information empowers the investor community. Only when the structure of investment products is made transparent, and only when transparency in the fees and commissions that investors have to pay to their bankers and agents is clear, can a positive impression of the wealth management industry develop.

Our continued focus on ensuring transparency in investment education and fees lies at the forefront of our business. The recognition we received from SIAS in 2015 on being the "Most Transparent Company" among newly-listed companies was most meaningful to us and we will continue to work hard to ensure our philosophy of being a transparent investment platform for investors and wealth advisers continues.